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3CX Perpetual Licences

3CX Perpetual Licences


Price includes maintenance for the first year, after which an annual maintenance renewal is required. Pricing is based upon the number of simultaneous calls a company needs. Usually, 1 sim. call per 3-4 extensions is required, i.e. a company with 50 extensions would need a 16 sim. call license.


Product EditionStandard (HK$)Pro (HK$)Enterprise (HK$)
4 Sim. Calls
8 Sim. Calls
16 Sim. Calls
32 Sim. Calls
64 Sim. Calls
128 Sim. Calls
256 Sim. Calls
512 Sim. Calls
1024 Sim. Calls470,906588,632706,359


3CX Maintenance (For Perpetual Licences only)


Maintenance is applicable on Perpetual licenses only and entitles you to one year of free updates, tested phone firmware, security updates and the smartphone clients (which are licensed by year only and require valid maintenance). It also includes new versions (eg 14 to 15). Correct end-user details are required, otherwise, maintenance will not be activated. Annual Licences do not require a Maintenance.

Product EditionStandard (HK$)Pro (HK$)Enterprise (HK$)
4 Sim. Calls8161,0131,217
8 Sim. Calls1,5941,9942,394
16 Sim. Calls3,6504,5615,471
32 Sim. Calls6,9948,73710,488
64 Sim. Calls14,01217,51321,014
128 Sim. Calls26,96533,70040,443
256 Sim. Calls45,87557,34468,813
512 Sim. Calls75,53394,420113,299
1024 Sim. Calls129,501161,875194,256