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3CX Lands on Linux with V15 SP2

SP2 is here! It includes a great many fixes and performance improvements, plus we finished extension level access to the console and multiple editing of extensions. We also added a web interface to the PBX configuration tool, to make setup easier.


But undoubtedly the biggest change is the addition of a Linux version of 3CX. 3CX V15 is now also available on Debian Linux 8! The Linux edition has achieved near feature parity with the Windows edition and in the coming months the remaining features will be ported to Linux as well.

Why a Linux edition? First off the Linux edition is easier to host in the cloud. Now you can host 3CX on most Linux VPS instances (running Openstack) and available from leading hosters such as OVH for less than $4 per month! Or try it free on Google Cloud. You can install it as a VM or on inexpensive yet powerful appliances. The possibilities are endless. And coming soon is our ISO to make setup even easier.


Service pack 2 no longer accepts wave files as prompts. Check and automatically convert all your audio prompts with our converter tool before you upgrade. Read this article on converting audio prompts how to do this. Incorrect audio prompts configured in Queues and Digital receptionists will not be played.

Downloading it

  • On Windows, download v15 here.
  • On Linux, follow this guide. Debian Linux 8 ONLY!

New features

  • New web application to configure 3CX (Instead of command line tool only)
  • Multiple editing of extensions
  • Access per extension to management console
  • Warns user when restoring a backup with a license key different from the one used upon installation
  • Reseller name / ID not required
  • New Enterprise license key edition for Failover installations
  • New VoIP Provider “CloudCo Partner” (USA).
  • New VoIP Provider “NTES” (Ireland).
  • New VoIP Provider “TechSitters, LLC” (USA).
  • New VoIP Provider “Telematica” (Austria).
  • New VoIP Provider “HFO Telecom Vertriebs GmbH” (Germany).
  • New VoIP Provider “Telenor” provider (Norway).
  • Added Htek models (UC804T, UC804G, UC806T, UC806G, UC902, UC924 and UC926)
  • Added Fanvil models (H3, X3S and X4)
  • Added Cyberdata devices (Paging Amplifier, Zone Controller, Speakers and RGB Strobe)
  • Updated Polycom VVX template
  • Added Export Call History