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3CX電話系統 @ 本地 雲端


3CX是一種開放平台的軟件VoIP電話系統,無論在 本地 (On Premise) 還是在 雲端 (On Cloud) 均可與流行的 IP電話 和 SIP TRUNK / IDAP 一起使用。3CX簡單,經濟,靈活,完全解決了傳統電話系統成本和管理的難題,也解決了共享雲 PBX的局限性。

我們想信客戶是最精明的,客戶不會單單著眼於價錢,同時也會關注系統的靈活性,3CX的靈活 部署方式就是為了客戶而設計的。無論是在本地 雲端 3CX電話系統也能夠隨著您業務的增長而擴展。

3CX電話系統 @ 本地 (On Premise) 方案

x86-based CPU installs require compatibility to 64-bit architecture and can be used as “Bare Metal” or “Virtual Machine” deployments. 3CX verified the usage for the following HyperVisors*:

*Additional configuration may be needed for the virtual machine, depending on the HyperVisor used.

Extensions (up to)1050 25010001000+
CPU FamilyIntel i3 (Gen.8) or equivalentIntel i5 (Gen.8) or equivalentIntel i7 (Gen.8) or equivalentIntel Xeon E5 v4 or equivalentIntel Xeon E7 v4 or equivalent
vCPUs1 For Linux
2 for Windows
4 For Linux
6 for Windows
6 For Linux
8 for Windows
8 For Linux
10 for Windows
8+ For Linux
10+ for Windows
Memory1 For Linux
2 for Windows
4 For Linux
6 for Windows
8 For Linux
10 for Windows
16 For Linux
18 for Windows
32+ For Linux
34+ for Windows
Storage30 GB SSD based storage100 GB SSD based storage300 GB SSD based storage500 GB SSD based storage500+ GB SSD based storage


  • Allocate at least 30GB for the 3CX base system installation.
  • Add extra drive/partition/space for backup, voicemail, recordings or logging. Keep in mind:
  • Recording and voicemail: 1 minute of recorded audio consumes ~1MB.
  • Logging: Verbose logs on a busy system can consume up to ~1GB per day or per 2500 calls.
  • Offload (archive) unneeded recordings / voicemails / backups to cold storage regularly to keep optimal free space available to your PBX.

3CX電話系統 @ 雲端 (On Cloud) 方案

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Cloud Provider

Suggested virtual machine / instance specifications for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), MS Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) / Lightsail, based on the use cases outlined in the bare metal configurations. You can opt for instances with higher performance and memory according to your needs. Cloud providers are tested and/or supported only for Linux deployments.

Cloud Provider

Google (GCP)Microsoft (Azure)Amazon EC2Amazon Lightsail
Small (up to 10 ext)G1 SmallB1msa1.mediumt2.small
Medium (up to 50 ext)n1-standard-4D4 v3m5ad.xlarget2.xlarge
Large (up to 250 ext)n1-highmem-4D12 v2r5ad.xlarget2.2xlarge

Adjust storage size and swap space accordingly, based on your needs and usage.

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