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3CX Perpetual Licences

3CX Perpetual Licences (version 16)

(Update on 1st-April-2019)


Price includes maintenance for the first year, after which an annual maintenance renewal is required. Pricing is based upon the number of simultaneous calls a company needs. Usually, 1 sim. call per 3-4 extensions is required, i.e. a company with 50 extensions would need a 16 sim. call license.


Product EditionStandard (HK$)Pro (HK$)Enterprise (HK$)
16 Sim. Calls
32 Sim. Calls
64 Sim. Calls
128 Sim. Calls
256 Sim. Calls
512 Sim. Calls
1024 Sim. Calls431,640712,215863,288


3CX Maintenance (For Perpetual Licences only)

The cost for annual maintenance is 27.5% of the perpetual licence cost.
Note: Late maintenance renewal is not available, a 90 days grace period is given after which users can easily switch to an annual licence.

Maintenance is applicable on Perpetual licenses only and entitles you to one year of free updates, tested phone firmware, security updates and the smartphone clients (which are licensed by year only and require valid maintenance). It also includes new versions (eg 14 to 15).

Correct end-user details are required, otherwise, maintenance will not be activated. Annual Licences do not require a Maintenance.

Product EditionStandard (HK$)Pro (HK$)Enterprise (HK$)
4 Sim. Calls9031,4841,798
8 Sim. Calls1,1701,9312,339
16 Sim. Calls2,3473,8704,694
32 Sim. Calls5,3148,76810,629
64 Sim. Calls10,65217,58421,313
128 Sim. Calls20,74834,23441,495
256 Sim. Calls41,52768,52383,053
512 Sim. Calls65,273107,702130,546
1024 Sim. Calls118,700195,858237,408


What’s included in the yearly maintenance:


  • 3CX SMTP Service – to receive missed call and voicemail alerts and meeting notifications
  • Security updates
  • 3CX FQDN service
  • Auto renewal of Let’s encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Updates and use of the 3CX Smartphone Apps
  • PBX Upgrades and Updates – Get the latest versions and service packs of 3CX upon release. Includes new features, fixes and interops.
  • IP Phone Firmware and Template Updates
  • CRM Updates and additions
  • VoIP Provider Templates Updates and additions
  • 3CX WebMeeting – Web conferencing features for all users

Some of the above functions may be accessible without active maintenance. 3CX reserves the right to revoke any of them at any time without prior warning.