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Click-to-call WebRTC

The answer is finally here! This integration allows you to go to a website and click on a link and use your computers microphone, speakers, and webcam to call into the company phone system.

3CX WebRTC Boosts your Customer Service with Click-to-Call Capability!

With WebRTC, you can now allow your customers to call you from their browser – saving them from having to dial a number, and you from having to pay for the 800 number costs. Calls go directly to your 3CX Phone System and based on where your customer is on your website, you can route the call to enable them to speak to the right person straight away. The call can be easily elevated to a video call, allowing you to communicate face-to-face or to share your screen with your customers, thereby providing a personalised customer service experience.


In addition to the click-to-call functionality, you can share a WebRTC call link via chat or email and allow anyone to place a call from any open standards browser (Chrome, Firefox) directly to your extension within seconds.