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Yealink CP920 會議室IP PHONE,功能7合一,SME會議室首選

Yealink CP920 會議室IP PHONE,功能7合一,SME會議室首選


1) 可註冊Sip帳戶, 適用於大部份的 IPPBX / SIP SERVER

2) 不論是普通的電話街線(DEL), 還是ANALOG電話分機PORT, 也可配合USB CO街線盒子(CPN10), 即插即用

3) CP920 內置Wi-Fi, 就算沒有網線也不是問題

4) 備有藍牙功能, 無論你的手機是用WHATSAPP還是WECHAT通話, 也可以連接到會議室的CP920,藍牙即PAIR即用.

5) 5方會議, 會議過程中可隨時邀請他人進入會議, 而且可以混合WHATSAPP CALL/ SIP CALL/ PSTN CALL 於5方會議當中

6) USB 錄音, 簡易地把電話錄音儲存在USB DRIVE當中

7) 只要會議室的電腦BLUETOOTH連上CP920, USB WEBCAM 和電視, 這便是CP值最高的SKYPE視像會議系統了, 對不對?


Yealink CP920 Conference Phone

Yealink designs its audio conferencing solutions to suit a range of different meeting environments. The yealink CP960 and the CP920 address today’s audio conferencing challenges and unify a clear-and-easy conferencing communication experience for both in-room and remote participants. The CP960 targets mid-to-large-sized meetings while the CP920 covers small-to-mid-sized meetings.


Yealink CP920 Conference Phone


Wide-range Voice Pickup, Dead-zone Free

Featuring 20-foot 360-degree dead-zone-free voice pickup, the coverage area of the CP920 adapts to multiple room environments and provides a full sound experience.

Yealink Noise Proof Technology for Smart and Powerful Noise Elimination

Yealink’s Noise Proof Technology frees business voice collaboration from the annoying noise and optimizes conference efficiency by minimizing distractions. The Yealink Noise Proof technology includes two interrelated functions:
· During a conference, Noise Proof reduces constant background noise from sources such as typing, air conditioners, etc.; and
· When a person is not speaking, Noise Proof automatically mutes the mic(s) until the sound of a human voice is detected.

Ergonomic Design, Best-in-Class Experience

Stylish and professional, Yealink conference phones adopt a Y-shaped metallic silver body design. For users who prefer a traditional key system, the CP920 offers a familiar touchable keypad for less stress and more comfort.
One-touch quick meeting starts and no interruption to the ongoing conversation make the CP920 incredibly user-friendly.

Hybrid UC Meeting Enabled

The CP960 and CP920 enable the Hybrid UC Meeting for extraordinary convenience. With Bluetooth and USB connectivity, you can easily pair the conference phone with a PC or mobile phone. Join or create a conference by simply merging the calls.