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Slash Your Telco Costs With 3CX’s Hotel PBX

With the Hotel module fully integrated into the Pro and Enterprise Editions, there’s no need for costly add-ons to get all the hospitality features you need.

3CX’s easy to manage Hotel PBX can be installed on your existing hardware and integrated with popular PMS systems so that installation is quick and painless.

Low Cost & Easy to Manage Hotel PBX

3CX’s Hotel PBX brings the award-winning, software-based 3CX PBX to the Hotel industry. The 3CX Hotel module is extremely cost-effective when compared to traditional hotel PBXs, from installation costs to maintenance costs. 3CX runs on mainstream operating systems ensuring easy management and minimum training is required.

  • Cut costs by using SIP Trunks
  • Easily add and remove extensions – no per user licence
  • Leverage existing hardware, wiring and low cost open standard hardware
  • Plug & Play configuration of IP PhonesSIP Trunks and Gateways

PMS Integration Ensures Maximum Efficiency

3CX Hotel PBX also integrates with PMS systems to make sure that staff can perform most functions from within the Hotel Management Software. Some of the most popular PMS systems that the Hotel PBX works with are Protel, roomMaster and Micros-Fidelio, view the complete list.

  • Display guest name on reception, room service, management phones
  • Provides wake up calls, check-in / check-out, Do Not Disturb
  • Maid status allows housekeeping to set room status via phone

The hotel PBX features are specific for hospitality environments. The following functions can be achieved:

  • Check in and Check out of guests  (via PMS or 3CX WebClient).
  • Setting guest extensions to Do not Disturb.
  • Blocking of external calls when a room is not occupied.
  • Schedule wake up calls.
  • Allows billing of calls to rooms (via Fidelio PMS)
  • Allows housekeeping to set room status via the phone

The 3CX Hotel Module can integrate with Hotel software systems / Property Management Systems (PMS) such as Micros Fidelio, Roommaster, Hilton and more. This can be done either via a Fidelio or a Mitel compatible interface. 

The 3CX Hotel features are part of the Pro and Enterprise Editions. It operates in the background and allows for integration with the Property Management System. With the integration, many of the functions can be triggered from within the PMS software.

Check In / Out operations

The 3CX Hotel module performs the following functions at check in / out:

Check In Operations

  • Sets Extension Name.
  • Enables the extension to allow outbound calls.
  • Deletes all voicemail messages.
  • Clears Do Not Disturb (DND) status.
  • Updates phonebook files for IP Phones.
  • Re-provisions supported IP Phones.

Check Out Operations

  • Sets name to blank to show that there is no one in the room.
  • Disables outbound calls on extension.
  • Deletes all voice mail messages and recordings.
  • Clears the Do Not Disturb (DND) status.
  • Updates phonebook files for IP Phones.
  • Re-provisions supported IP Phones.

Wake-up Calls

The system allows for wake up calls to be scheduled. This can be set by the guest from the room without the receptionist’s intervention. The guest calls a Wake-Up call service IVR and follows the prompts to set a wake-up call. At the scheduled time, the system will call the guest and play a predefined message when the guest answers the call. Wake up calls can also be scheduled via PMS.


The system will log calls from each room and show call costs based on the costs configured in the 3CX Phone System Management Console.

The system can output a configurable Call Data Record (CDR) for each call. The CDR can be sent to a separate text file (one call per text file), to a text file containing all calls, or to a TCP port. For each case, the exact format can be customized.

Set Room Status

This function allows cleaners to set the status of the room via the phone. The maid status message is triggered by a call from the room in question and by entering the special feature code (the dial code set in the configuration section of the 3CX Hotel Management Console which is also used for the Mini barcodes), followed by the appropriate code to specify the status of the room.

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