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3CX: The Future of Communications Today

Find out how 3CX can satisfy your day-to-day communications needs. From receiving calls while out of the office, to boosting agent productivity, face-to-face meetings and much more. This video shows you some major features and benefits of 3CX and just how easy they are to use.

3CX V15 Launch - Live stream

Live presentation and Q&A of 3CX V15. Presentation includes all the new and exciting features of 3CX V15 and the live Q&A will be with CEO Nick Galea, Product Manager Nick Borg and Head of Customer Support and Training Stefan Walther.

3CX featured on Telegraph Business Club

Telegraph Business Club how with 3CX he successfully developed and launched a software-based IPPBX that would offer companies like his a cheaper, more efficient & more versatile way of communication

3CX WebMeeting

Hold face to face meetings at the click of the button! How? By using 3CX WebMeeting which is WebRTC based and eliminates the use of clients. 3CX WebMeeting, is an easy-to-use web conferencing solution, that transforms the way you communicate and collaborate within your company and with customers.

Struggling transfer on IP Phones?

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The Wallboard feature for 3CX

The Wallboard is ideal for call centers as it provides them with real time information such as SLA, Unanswered Calls, Average speaking time and much more.

The 3CX Client for Android

This video takes you through all the features available in the 3CX Client for Android, from transferring calls, to checking presence and using the chat functionality.

The 3CX Client for iOS

This video takes you through all the features available in the 3CX Client for iOS, from transferring calls, to checking presence and using the chat functionality.

It's Time to Break Free from Your Old PBX

3CX Phone System provides Unified Communications that increase employee productivity and you can integrate it with your CRM. It’s easier to scale and manage yourself, so you can forget having to spend money on consultants.

Integrating Office 365 with 3CX

The CRM integrations offered by 3CX are very popular with our users as they help you increase your agents’ productivity and save time on tedious tasks like adding contacts manually to your 3CX phonebook. The 3CX plugin for Office 365, once configured, opens the contact record in Office 365 during an incoming call, creates a new contact if the inbound caller is not found, and saves the call information in the contact’s notes.

Provisioning your Avaya IP Phones with 3CX

When migrating Avaya to 3CX there’s no need to invest in new IP Phones. You can keep your existing Avaya IP Phones – they too work with 3CX. 

Click to Call

Make calls directly from your browser or CRM using the 3CX Click to Call Extension for Chrome.

The New Chat features on Worldpress

Live Chat & Talk: Connect with Customers from your Website

The 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin allows your website visitors to chat and call your company in real-time. No need to call your 800 number – they can connect with a single click. Connect visitors to your call centre or sales team and watch conversion rates skyrocket! Calls are forwarded to your phone system free of charge using WebRTC technology.

Keep all your communications on one platform and save admin time, learning curve and monthly subscriptions! Your agents will love it and so will your customers!