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Sennheiser Speakerphone SP 20

Sennheiser SP 20 is a portable speakerphone designed for mobile business professionals for both personal and small group conferences on PC/softphone and mobile phone or tablet.


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A conference call in your briefcase


No more searching for an available conference room: Set up an impromptu conference or share a call with high-quality sound – anywhere that’s convenient. Created for business professionals, its exceptional, lightweight and portable design is ultimately portable.

Exceptional sound for better communication

Conference calls with Sennheiser sound quality

Replace PC and mobile phone speakers and microphone with legendary Sennheiser sound quality. Conference calls will never be the same.


Connectivity and compatibility

Hassle-free conferencing – simply plug in and talk

SP 20 connects directly to PC and mobile phone or tablet. With SP 20, you can merge PC/softphone and mobile calls into one conference, allowing you to add participants to the conference call via both PC/softphone and mobile phone simultaneously.

Optimized to work seamlessly with all major UC and softphone brands, its user-friendly functions, including microphone mute button, call and volume controls, make conference calls simpler and more effective.



Quality design

Looks as good as it sounds


With its streamlined styling and superb finish, the Speakerphone SP 10 signals high-end quality on the desk – or wherever you choose to make your office.





The Sennheiser 3CXPhone plugin for windows is a call control integration module, which manages the connection between the Sennheiser headsets and the speakerphone solutions and the 3CXPhone client v15 or higher.

With the Sennheiser 3CXPhone plugin, you benefit from a fully tested solution making use of 3CXPhone together with the Sennheiser devices. The answer and end call functionality as well as volume functions, can be exercised via the headset or speakerphone.

Download 3CX Plugin

Sennheiser HeadSetup™ Pro   (Freeware)

Sennheiser HeadSetup™ Pro is a client application running in the background on the headset users’ PC. The solution ensures that Sennheiser headsets and speakerphones work seamlessly with various leading softphones and give you access to latest firmware updates and personalized settings.

Sennheiser HeadSetup™ Pro is designed to be simple to use, allowing Sennheiser headset and speakerphone users to enhance their experience and productivity simply and quickly.

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